Frequently Asked Questions

From queries about buggies, bikes to lost property, you should find the answer below. If not then give us a ring on 03301 020801 or Contact us via the web.

  • Can I bring my wheelchair or mobility scooter on the bus?

Most wheelchairs (motorised or not) are permitted on our buses, but we regret that for safety reasons mobility scooters cannot be carried. Please note only 1 wheelchair is allowed on a bus at any one time. Give us a call or an email to find out more.

Most of our buses have low floors with kneeling suspension and most have a ramp at the front that allows a wheelchair easy access. If you require assistance then ask the driver who will be happy to help.

  • Can I bring my buggy on the bus? 

Yes, most of our buses has a buggy area where buggies can be wheeled straight in. Please note that on most buses the buggy area doubles as a designated wheelchair area, and a wheelchair user may need the space during the journey..It would be helpful if you fold your buggy if a wheelchair user needs the space. If the buggy area is full when you board the bus then you may be asked to fold your buggy - ask the driver if you need any assistance.

  • Can I bring my bike on the bus? 

No, sorry. As we cannot stow a bicycle safely they are not allowed on our buses.

  • Can I bring my dog on the bus? 

Yes, as long as it is well behaved and does not sit on the seats.

  • I've lost something on the bus, what do I need to do? 

Call us on 03301 020801 between 0900 and 1600 Monday – Friday. You will need to collect the item from our depot.

  • Can I use my concessionary bus pass? 

Yes, concessionary passes are valid for travel from 0900 Monday to Friday and all day at weekends. Place your concessionary travel card on top of the ticket machine until the light goes green.

  • Do I have to have the exact money for my fare? 

No, our drivers carry change. If you do have the correct amount of money then it does make things easier.

  • I travel regularly, can I save money? 

On most routes we offer weekly and monthly tickets. For more information call 01206 769 778. 

  • What age do children have to pay bus fares? 

Children aged between 5 to 15 have to pay a child fare. Children aged 4 and under are carried free of charge (up to 2 children per adult).

  • Do you give students a discount? 

On certain routes young people aged between 16 to 19 get approximately 20% off the adult fare. You don't need to be a student and you don't need ID, just ask the driver for a '16-19' fare. 

  • Can I use my mobile or listen to music? 

Yes but please be considerate to other people on the bus and keep the volume down.

  • Can I eat, drink or smoke on the bus? 

No, to keep our buses clean we do not allow eating or drinking. It is illegal to smoke on public transport or in bus shelters whilst waiting for the bus.

  • How can I receive updates regarding my bus service? 

Follow us on Twitteror visit our Service Updates page.

  • Will the bus stop for me? 

As the bus approaches your bus stop you will see the number and destination of the service on the front. To stop the bus, simply hold out your arm to signal to the driver that you want him to stop.


  • What happens if it snows? 


You may have heard that snow is forecast. We will do our best to keep buses running if it snows but sometimes we find it impossible to get from one end of the route to the other because of gridlocked traffic caused by accidents or short impassable sections of road miles away from where you are waiting. Slow traffic means that the gaps between buses will be larger than usual. We will try and keep you informed about this by publishing information on our website with updates on twitter. All our local bus services have tracking devices on the buses, but if the road is gridlocked or blocked it’s still difficult to know how long it will be before the bus reaches you. If you are travelling to school please check the school website to find out whether buses are running. We will try and answer your phonecall, but we do get a vast number of phonecalls in such circumstances.