Clacton Town Bus Network

Hedingham Omnibuses will be introducing replacement timetables for most of First’s routes in Clacton. 

When will this happen? 

The new timetables start on Sunday 29th July. 

Which routes will this affect? 

Routes 3, 4/4A, 5/5A and 6 will be replaced by Hedingham Omnibuses. We have also won the evening contract for routes 10A, 17 and 18 which will be renumbered 4, 6A and 6B, so that they are easier to understand compared to the daytime routes. 

Will the routes be the same? 

On route 6 towards Clacton buses will turn left at the end of St Osyth Road and go via the rail station, where people can both board and alight for Point Clear, before entering the town centre. We believe that this is something many people have requested. 

In Jaywick all our daytime buses will follow the normal Hedingham route (previously 130 and now X76) via Millers Barn Road, Park Square West and Meadow Way on the way into Jaywick. This is in response to the many requests we have had for an improved service to Tudor Estate. 

Everything else stays the same – including evenings on all routes. 

Will the times be the same? 

Route 3 to Harwich – no change 

Route 4/4A (Jaywick, Bockings Elm and Burrsville Park via Great Clacton) – there will be a lot of minor changes, and buses will run less often at school peak times. There will no longer be a direct bus from Bockings Elm to Jaywick on Sundays. 

Route 5 (Coopers Lane, Flatford Drive and Cloes Lane) – no change to timetable

Route 6 (St Osyth Road, St Osyth and Point Clear) - there will be some minor alterations, and buses will run less often at school peak times during the school term. 

Where can we find the new times? 

They are already on our website (search for “Hedingham Bus Times”). We plan to have timetable leaflets available from Friday 20th July on buses and in public information points within the town centre. 

Where will buses stop in the town centre? 

In Pier Avenue all buses to Jaywick, 4/4A and X76 will use stop C. X76 to Colchester will use stop B. Apart from that, buses in Pier Avenue will use the same stops as now. Other stops will remain unchanged.

What about evening buses? 

Unlike many local authority areas we are lucky that Essex still subsidise evening buses that would not otherwise be running. Hedingham Omnibuses has been awarded the contract for one journey to Holland on Sea (with later journeys to Frinton/Walton still operated by First), as well as all the buses to Jaywick, Burrsville Park and Point Clear. Times and routes will remain unchanged but the journeys will be numbered 4, 6A or 6B so that the link to daytime routes is more obvious. 

Will the fares be the same? 

We do not currently have information on the fares that First are charging as they keep this secret. We will endeavour to find out so that we can charge the same single and return fares. We intend to offer better value, day, weekly and monthly tickets and these will be available on our East Anglia Buses App as well as on the bus for cash. Unfortunately we don’t accept contactless payments on our buses yet. 

Hedingham's Ticket prices: (from 29-Jul)

Take advantage of the following bargains:

  • Day £3.90 (£2.50 for under 20s)
  • Weekly £13 (£12.50 on the App)
  • Monthly £45 on the App
  • Kids & teens: £1 single

Can we use First’s tickets? 

No, sorry, not unless the ticket is valid on all operators anyway – like PLUSBUSand Essex Saver. If First are withdrawing from the route please approach them for a refund.

What else will people need to know? 

Hedingham Omnibuses is already running route 1 to Seawick/St Osyth Beach for the summer. 

First has advised us that Essex County Council route 2 to Maningtree will be sub-contracted to Panther Travel and there will be no change to times or fares. 

We have been asked to consider an additional Saturday morning journey on route 3 from Harwich and will probably do this when we review the timetables. 

We have been asked to reconsider the times of route 6 around school times and will do so for September – but we’d also like to hear from people travelling to and from work at these times. What times suit you? Email us

We understand that Firstwill be replacing routes 7 and 8 with less frequent routes 97 and 98.

+ View upcoming timetables here