Fares Update - 5th April 2021

From Monday 5th April 2021 we have planned fares changes to address some differences in certain areas of our network. 

From Friday 2nd April, our website farefinders will be updated to reflect the new fares. 

Clacton area

The fare from Clacton to Great Clacton will be £2.40 single (£3.70 return). The fare from Clacton to Burrs Road/Shopping Village will be £2.60 single (£3.70 return). Please note different fares will apply on evening route 4 between the places previously mentioned as these are operated under contract to Essex County Council. 

Routes 88 & 89

From Monday 5th April, we will introduce some changes to our fares on routes 88 (Great Yeldham - Halstead - Colchester) and 89 (Great Yeldham - Halstead - Braintree). 

Where there is a difference in our fares between stops on routes 88 & 89, route 89 will now adopt the fares charged on route 88. However, on some sections (for example, Sible Hedingham-Halstead, Halstead-Halstead, Braintree-Colchester, Halstead-Great Yeldham) route 89 fares will be adopted instead.