Timetable Changes - 1st September 2020

Page last updated: 25/8/20 0915hrs (detailed route description added for route 137). 27/8/20 1800hrs (fare information for routes 135, 136 and 137). 01/9/20 (minor corrections to routes 4, 6, 134 and X76). 04/9/20 (updated description for route 7)

From Tuesday 1st September 2020, a revision to our timetables within the Clacton Network will be implemented to better match our customers' needs and demands. This will be achieved by providing more frequent buses, notably two additional buses during the daytime on routes 97 and 98, but also by connecting other bus routes better to ensure smooth connections for our customers.

Departures will run every 10 minutes from Pier Avenue to St Osyth Road and every 15 minutes from Clacton Shopping Village to Clacton. However, due to the withdrawal of route 4A from this date, we will now serve the Bockings Elm area with routes 7 and 135. ( see below)

Braintree market day (Wednesdays-only) bus route 345 will be altered ( see below) and the new Honywood School route 910 will begin on schooldays from the 7th September 2020. 

Until 7 September 2020 the journey planner on our website and in our app, as well as out When2Travel site, will not be uptodate to reflect these changes below, apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

Concessionary bus pass will no longer be valid before 9.30am and pre-covid restictions will appply http://ow.ly/jlLI50ASSFt

Route 3
Harwich - Clacton

Revised timetable to provide more regular departures, notably as part of the St Osyth Road frequency. The route is revised in Thorpe le Soken to serve Landermere Road, not High Street and Golden Lane. This change is essential to ensure that an hourly timetable can be achieved. 

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Route 4
Jaywick - Clacton Town Centre - Great Clacton (current)
Jaywick - Clacton Town Centre (new)

Route number 4 is to be used for the Jaywick - Clacton Town Centre route only during the daytime as well as the ECC evening tender. To continue to provide a route between Clacton Town Centre and Jaywick normally every 30 minutes alongside route X76 to achieve a 15-minute overall frequency – see also route 136.

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Route 4A
Bocking's Elm - Clacton Town Centre

This route is withdrawn, see desciption for route 7 and route 135. 

Route 5 | 5A
Bocking's Elm (Flatford Drive) - Clacton Town Centre

Timetable adjusted slightly to provide regular departures with route 6 from Pier Avenue to St Osyth Road. 

A new Sunday route 5 timetable will begin from Sunday 6th September! 

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Route 6 | 6A | 6B
Point Clear - St Osyth - Clacton

Normal timetable resumes with route 6 journeys operating Mondays to Saturdays in the daytime. The timetable will be adjusted slightly to provide regular departures with route 5 from Pier Avenue to St Osyth Road. 

Journeys on Sundays & bank holidays will be numbered 6A (serving Constable Avenue) and 6B (serving Peter Bruff Avenue). 

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Route 7
Brightlingsea - Clacton

Normal Monday to Friday timetable reinstated but certain journeys will serve Peter Bruff Avenue, Constable Avenue and the Rail Station to provide a quicker journey than route 135 from the Constable Avenue area to the Town Centre. There will also be a link between St Osyth Beach and the Rail Station. An earlier Monday to Friday journey will operate to replace a similar journey on the current route 4A. The Saturday timetable which usually operates until late September will not operate. 

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Route 16 | 16A
Old Heath - St Helena School

A revised timetable and route will be in operation. 

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Route 74
Clacton - Wivenhoe - University of Essex - Colchester

Normal timetable reinstated. 

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Route X76
Clacton - Elmstead Market - Colchester

Reintroduction of normal timetable with some minor adjustments to aid punctuality. 

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Route 97 | 98
Walton on the Naze - Clacton

Improved off-peak frequency with 4 buses an hour to maintain social distancing on our single decker buses. There will be a new early journey from Clacton to Walton. 

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Route 134
Holland on Sea - Clacton Town Centre

Autumn timetable resumes with last journey extended to Clacton Town Centre. 

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Route 135
Bocking's Elm - Clacton Town Centre

Improved timetable, including Saturdayswill begin from 5th September. 

Route changed in Bocking's Elm to include Peter Bruff Avenue and in Great Clacton to operate from Tesco serving North Road, Great Clacton, Old Road, Rail Station and Pier Avenue.

This will provide a more direct service to the town centre for residents of Peter Bruff Avenue and Constable Avenue. 

Due to the inclusion of parts of route 4A in the Bocking's Elm area of this revised route, some fares may alter to match those previously charged. This will primarily affect adult single tickets. Our online farefinder will be updated shortly. 

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Route 136
Clacton - Asda - Great Clacton - Lymington Avenue - Burrs Road - Shopping Village - Great Clacton - Asda - Clacton

Replacement for the northern section of route 4, but diverted between the Rail Station and Great Clacton serving Holland Road, Valley Road and ASDA in both directions, in order to provide links to Valley Road previously provided by 135. Co-ordinated with route 137 to provide a 15-minute frequency from Clacton Shopping Village in order to better distribute loads between buses and achieve social distancing. Old Road will still be served by routes X76 and 135. 

Due to the inclusion of parts of route 4 in this new route, some fares may alter compared to that charged on route 137. This will primarily affect adult single and return tickets. Our online farefinder will be updated shortly. 

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Route 137
Clacton - Asda - Burrs Road - Shopping Village - Brook Retail Park - Great Clacton - Asda - Clacton

Revised route from Great Clacton which will see the buses serve Asda, Valley Road, Holland Road and Skelmersdale Road. 

New 30-minute frequency timetable, now properly co-ordinated with route 136.

New route 136 which serves similar points will adopt route 4's fares, this will mean some fares will differ between the same points on routes 136 and 137. This will primarily affect adult single and return tickets. Our online farefinder will be updated shortly. 

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Route 345
Fuller Street - Braintree

From Wednesday 2nd September 2020 both of route 345's journeys will operate 30 minutes later. The new timetable can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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Route 910
Marks Tey - Kelvedon - Honywood School

New route to Honywood School operated commercially by Hedingham. Please get in touch with us about buying termly bus passes. 

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