• When to Travel app arrives

    New AI based technology tool helps passengers plan journeys and find space on our buses

Thursday 18th June 2020 

‘When to Travel’ offers dynamic, colour coded bus timetables that show seat availability on services, giving customers who need to travel the confidence to plan their bus journeys as more return to work and school.

Developed by the parent company of Hedingham Buses, Go Ahead, this unique predictive technology tool helps customers plan the best time to travel on bus services.

 The app and website feature highlights to passengers when to avoid busy times whilst capacity is reduced and thus helping to enable social distancing.

Designed in collaboration with tech partner CitySwift, “When to Travel” provides a dynamic colour coded online timetable tool to help passengers plan journeys on quieter journeys.  Using artificial intelligence and algorithms that learn from recorded passenger use, the data updates dynamically to provide a level of detail that includes point to point within each timetabled journey.

Current social distancing requirements have reduced the number of people buses can carry.  A double decker bus that could normally take up to 75 people is currently limited to about 19 seats.  With more people expected to use buses as lockdown eases, 'When to travel' will help customers plan journeys to workplaces and other destinations based on when seats will be available.  Journeys home can also be planned around seat availability, taking away worries of long waits.

This dynamic data set will also help Hedingham plan future timetable changes based on emerging demand as the bus industry faces the challenges of changing travel patterns, balanced with capacity restrictions due to social distancing.

Jeremy Cooper, Managing Director for Hedingham Bus said:

“Our customers have told us their priorities are cleanliness, social distancing and knowing they can get a seat on the bus home. We want those customers, who need to travel to be able to plan their journeys with confidence, knowing they will be able to board the bus at a particular time, and get home at a time that suits them.

“Along with the enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of buses, and by following the government advice to wash hands frequently, pay by contactless, and wear face coverings whilst on board, customers can travel in safety and with confidence.

Are there seats on my bus?

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